GCSB Investment Center featured in "Financial Literacy Month" series on Raccoon Valley Radio
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GCSB Investment Center featured in "Financial Literacy Month" series on Raccoon Valley Radio


GCSB Investment Center's Kristen Crouthamel was featured in a three-part interview series for "Financial Literacy Month" on Raccoon Valley Radio. During the interviews, Kristen discussed smart strategies for saving money, retirement planning and budgeting. If you didn't have a chance to listen live, the links to the three interviews are below. Click on the links in bold to listen to each segment.

For more information on any of these topics, please contact Kristen at kcrouthamel@ibasecurities.com

Part One: Saving Money - The most common financial issue encountered as a financial advisor is that people simply aren’t saving enough of their money. “My first rule, I would say, is save early and save often, always paying yourself first. For years, employers have wondered, ‘why aren’t people contributing more to their 401(k)’s?’. Afterall, the money compounds year after year tax deferred, and the earlier you start the more compounding you get. The money you contribute to the traditional IRA portion of the 401(k) comes out before taxes, so in essence you are reducing your income tax and your tax bill.”

Part Two: How to manage debt - Despite the word ‘debt’ having largely negative connotations, it’s not all bad. “Simply put, bad debt is any debt that you incur when you buy something that’s going to lose value, like a car or you put something consumable that adds no financial value, like a vacation, on your credit card. Good debt involves purchasing things that will gain, maintain or create value, such as your house, if you keep it in good shape, or an investment in a business, if it performs well.”

Part Three: Budgeting - Depending on your gender, you may need to have more money saved for retirement. “Because women typically live longer than men, a 65-year-old woman can expect to spend $22,000 more in total healthcare costs over the course of her retirement than a man is at her same age.”