Use Our Free Social Security Analyzer Tool!

Use Our Free Social Security Analyzer Tool!


GCSB Investment Center successfully completed its 2nd Annual Social Security workshop locally at Panora’s Lake Panorama National Conference Center. Establishing your Social Security plan is one of the most important decisions you will make for your retirement years.

This is our third article in this series to get you thinking more about Social Security. GCSB Investment Center is going above and beyond to help educate our community with the resources you need to make an informed decision. Social Security was never intended to be the only retirement income you receive. However, it should be set up in such a way that it is maximized for the benefit to you and the life of your spouse, if married.

Parts 1 and 2 of these articles discussed the need for a financial advisor, and the concept that your age to receive benefits affects the amount of Social Security benefits received by you and your living spouse. This final article will further explore the Nationwide Social Security Analyzer tool. After you complete a client questionnaire to help collect the relevant data, you will be given a report to consider your options.

The tool itself can help you:

  • Identify optimal strategies, plus take into account options to consider.
  • Receive a break-even analysis by strategy, so you can compare how one option may provide more cumulative benefits over another. The analysis adjusts for cost of living adjustments, inflation, and projected income needs throughout all of your retirement years.
  • Combine your projected Social Security income with additional retirement income you are expected to receive. Discussions with your financial advisor can help you prepare a plan to close the gap to achieve your desired retirement income goals.
  • Receive a report that shows you exactly how to file your personalized strategy.

The choices you make about how and when to file for Social Security will have a lasting impact on your financial situation during your retirement years. Kristen Crouthamel, GCSB Investment Center, can help you better understand the power of delaying your benefits, spousal rules, and more to optimize your benefits and ultimately provide income protection for a surviving spouse.

Connect with Kristen at GCSB Investment Center today to use the Nationwide Social Security Analyzer tool!  


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