Resources for Smart Financial Planning


GCSB Investment Center provides helpful information and tools to help determine an investment strategy that's right for you and your needs. Feel free to utilize these documents and contact us with any questions.

Retirement Explorer

Let us help you navigate the financial aspects of retirement with our Retirement Explorer process! This specialized software helps individuals in or planning for retirement to review not only the resources you have accumulated for retirement, but to project an estimated withdrawal strategy based on your needs and goals. Take a look at the client starter pack and sample report below. Contact us today for more information!

Client Starter Pack
Sample Retirement Explorer Report

Social Security 360 Analyzer

This planning tool courtesy of Nationwide walks you through the information gathering and planning process to determine how you will approach finances in retirement, including guidance on how to maximize your Social Security benefits.

Personal Budget Organizer

Do you know where your money goes? Are you prepared for emergencies? Use this personal budget planning tool to find out how you can plan for retirement and other financial goals.

Essential Financial Figures

Ever wished that all of the important financial, tax and retirement guidelines were in one handy document? Your wish has come true. Bookmark this link as a handy reference.

College Savings - 529 Plans

  • 529 Plans: Major Opportunity for Saving, Minor Financial Aid Impact - This informational brochure, courtesy of Voya, walks you through the options for financing your loved one's college education. It also addresses any impact the 529 savings plan may have to financial aid applications for the student.
  • Maximizing the Value of 529 Plans - This information, courtesy of Voya, discusses the ways that gifting to 529 College Savings Plans can aid in reducing the size of your estate and how to maximize the value of the 529 Plans.