GCSB Investment Center originated in 2002 to provide investment, insurance and retirement planning advice for our clients. We offer a wide variety of solutions for individuals and businesses. Whether planning for retirement, a child’s upcoming college tuition or to review your current investment strategy, now is a great time to sit down with our Financial Advisor. We will review your portfolio and discuss recommendations at no cost and with no obligation.

Comprehensive financial planning is also available which takes into consideration your entire financial picture – income, expenses, savings, retirement age, debt, college planning, estate planning, taxes, etc. – as well as your retirement goals like a second home, the ability to travel or possibly early retirement. This plan is reviewed annually and recommendations are made based on your changing financial picture and market conditions.

We know managing your investment portfolio can be overwhelming and frustrating, particularly if you have accounts with multiple companies or advisors. When it comes to rolling over a 401(k) left behind at a former employer or inheriting accounts and assets, these types of transactions have complex tax rules and can lead to potential adverse tax consequences if handled incorrectly.

GCSB Investment Center can help you consolidate your accounts and manage your portfolio with more intention and a solid strategy tailored to your specific needs. With our expertise, we will help you initiate the rollovers and transfers, handle all the paperwork and work with you to streamline your reports. The result? You have more time to enjoy doing what you do, while we use our expertise to help manage your hard-earned investment dollars.

At GCSB Investment Center, we believe in a client-first, holistic, goals-based approach to your financial plan and investments. We have the independence, flexibility, strategic partners, and outside resources to help you achieve and exceed your financial goals and to live the life you’ve dreamt.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our Financial Advisor.