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Volatile markets, political headlines, economic indicators - does the 24/7 news cycle have you wondering about the safety of your investments? Today, we have incredible access to up-to-the-minute information through the 24/7 news cycles via the Internet and social media channels as well as traditional broadcast and print outlets. Read more »


Market action is difficult to predict, and the unexpected can happen at any time. That is why we believe asset allocation is key for investors to stay focused on their long-term goals. Staying invested, avoiding short-term market timing and ensuring appropriate diversification are just a few of the critical aspects of an effective asset allocation strategy. Read more »


With major U.S. stock market indexes hitting new highs almost weekly, many investors are tempted to change their investment strategies. Read more »


As a high-income earner or self-employed person, particularly in agriculture, the end of each tax year may have you reviewing your income sheet and trying to determine next steps. Read more »

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