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Tax Considerations for Retirees
Are you aware of these potential tax breaks and tax-saving opportunities?

The federal government offers some major tax breaks for older Americans. Some of these perks deserve more publicity than they receive. Read more »


To our GCSB Investment Center clients: Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (and until further notice), we will serve you by appointment only in our offices, by phone or by email. This is a necessary move for the safety of our clients and our employees, as well as the community. Please remember that you have access to your accounts through client portals and you can still call and email us! Watch our website and social media channels for updates. We apologize for any inconvenience but this is necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19. Question? Call us at 641-755-2799 or email us at kristen@investgcsb.com or lynda@investgcsb.com.

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The 24-Hour News Cycle moves from Impeachment to COVID-19 to the Primaries – What’s next?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen several major stories in the news. On the political front, in addition to the arrival of the presidential election through the 2020 caucuses and primaries, we have just experienced the third presidential impeachment in American history. In international news, the latest coronavirus outbreak has hit China, now referred to as COVID-19, leading to closed borders and heightened screening at hospitals worldwide. Read more »



Long-established retirement account rules change.

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act is now law. While the new rules don’t appear to amount to a massive upheaval, the SECURE Act will require a change in strategy for many Americans. For others, it may reveal new opportunities. Read more »