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Learn about how legislative changes can help you finance your loved one’s education. As a parent or grandparent, you know firsthand the challenges of funding a child’s education. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Act was passed at the end of 2020 and has changed some of the qualifications for students to receive financial aid.
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COLA and Social Security. It's now projected that benefits will increase 6.1% in 2022, up from the 4.7% forecast just two months ago. That would be the most significant increase since 1983.
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This month, Kristen Crouthamel, AIF® - Financial Advisor, is celebrating 20 years in the investment advice industry. Read more here about how Kristen got her start in her career, and other fun facts about Kristen! Read more »

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A deep dive into workers' expectations in retirement versus actual income sources. Will your retirement dreams match your reality?

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